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Two LT Bowls, filled with chicken, broccoli, and roasted red pepper, and topped with harissa.
By Molly Schelper
This mix-and-match template will help you craft a flavorful, filling, and healthy bowl with key nutrients as your building blocks. Plus, get the recipe for the LifeCafe’s newest bowl to make at home yourself.
Two slices of avocado sweet potato toast on a plate.
By Molly Schelper
Running low on lunch ideas? These healthy and tasty recipes from Chef Ryan Dodge can all be ready to eat and enjoy in 20 minutes or less.
Dried lentils and assorted beans on a large spoon on top of a wooden surface.
By Molly Schelper
Discover which long-lasting items to keep on hand to easily mix-and-match for multiple healthy meals.
Three glasses of protein shakes
By Chef Ryan Dodge
This shake is a favorite on the LifeCafe® menu. Make it for yourself at home with this recipe.
The LifeCafe Chef Dodge Bowl.
By Chef Ryan Dodge
This veggie-packed bowl has been a long-time staple on the LifeCafe® menu. Now you can make it at home with this recipe.
Three healthy kids meals
By Emily Ewen
With a refresh of its kids’ menu, the LifeCafe introduces three colorful, nutrient-rich meals the whole family will love.
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