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Three glasses of protein shakes

Blend up this LifeCafe shake in your own kitchen for a nourishing meal replacement or as postworkout fuel. The shake starts with a base of protein, which will help keep you satiated and energized. From there, mix-and-match the other ingredients to customize it to your desired taste. If you prefer a smoothie-like texture, subtract 2 to 3 ounces of liquid and add in 1 to 2 ounces of full-fat yogurt instead.

Makes 1 serving


12 ounces ice

Amount: 8 ounces
Suggested choices: Almond milk, coconut milk, whole-fat cow’s milk, or orange juice

Amount: 20 grams or 1–2 scoops
Suggested choices: Grass-fed whey, collagen, rice, pea, or vegan protein powders

Amount: 1/4–1/2 cup
Suggested choices: Vegetables, such as kale or spinach; fruit, such as banana, blueberries, mango, pineapple, raspberries, or strawberries; healthy fats, such as avocado, or peanut or almond butter

Supplemental Boosts (Optional)
Amount: 1 serving
Suggested choices: Chia, flax, or hemp seeds; creatine; Generation UCAN; L-glutamine; Life Greens™; or matcha


Blend all ingredients together and enjoy.

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