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A kettlebell, orange, D.TOX shake mix, swim goggles, and two containers of supplements.

The holiday shopping season is officially here! Instead of scouring stores (or the corners of the internet) just to have something to give, put some purpose behind your gifts and wrap up something that can support your loved ones’ whole health — because if there’s one thing we could all benefit from more of this year, it’s good health.

To help simplify your shopping, we’ve assembled ideas that can help everyone on your list relax, feel their best, and put their well-being first.

Gifts for Mom

Dumbbells, a gift card, towel, and D.TOX kit.

1. 30% off D.TOX: This supplement kit is paired with a virtual nutrition protocol program to help you detox the healthy, safe way. Plus, it provides some quick and easy meal- and snack-replacement options for when you’re time strapped. Use it to reset eating habits, lose weight, increase energy, or get clearer skin. (Use promo code ‘BF2020’ at checkout.)

2. Buy $100 LifeSpa gift card, get a bonus $20 gift card. Treat her to some much-deserved pampering and relaxation with her choice of hair, nail, massage, or skin services. (You don’t have to be a Life Time member to visit the LifeSpa, so this is a great gift for anyone on your list.)

3. GTX small-group training: For those looking for an encouraging place to start with fitness, the opportunity to progress, and a community to be part of as they go. Choose from two group formats that combine cardio, strength training, and nutrition. Get our best pricing ever for unlimited classes.

Gifts for Dad

A kettlebell, towel, vitamin bottle, shake, and gift card.

4. Alpha small-group training: If his idea of success is pounds he can press or a new personal best, he’ll enjoy the constant challenge of this high-energy training format. Get our best pricing ever for unlimited classes.

5. 30% off daily multivitamins: One of the easiest and fastest ways to dramatically improve your nutrient intake is by supplementing with a high-quality multivitamin. (Use promo code ‘BF2020’ at checkout.)

6. Buy $100 LifeCafe gift card, get a bonus $20 gift card. Give the gift of customizable protein shakes to refuel with post-workout, or tasty, healthy meals with no cooking required. (You also don’t have to be a Life Time member to visit the LifeCafe, making this another perfect gift for anyone.)

Gifts for Kids

A soccer ball, swimming paddle and goggles, and camp brochure.

7. Swim lessons: Strong swimming skills can teach kids self-confidence, encourage physical fitness, and reduce the risk of drowning. Get 50 percent of an additional day of group lessons, $30 off per month of ongoing private lessons, or 25 percent off a single private lesson.

8. 20% off Summer Camp registration: Make summer 2021 one your kids won’t forget with Life Time Kids Summer Camp. Plus, how great will it feel to check summer entertainment off your to-do list ahead of spring?

Gifts for the Yoga Lover

A yoga block, candle, and vitamin bottles.

9. Group Pilates classes: Build a solid core and develop full-body strength, stamina, and mobility without a harsh impact on your joints. New clients get 50 percent of their first two months; existing clients get 25 percent off when upgrading to an eight- or 12-sesson package.

10. 30% off Foundational Five supplement bundle: These are the five supplements we recommend everybody add to their daily nutrition routine for optimal health. The bundle includes a multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D + K2, magnesium, and digestive enzymes. (Use promo code ‘BF2020’ at checkout.)

11. 25% off Food Sensitivity Plus lab: Testing for the 15 most common food sensitivities can help you better understand your metabolism, digestion, and inflammation levels, as well as how to nourish your body so you can feel your best.

Gifts for the Power Lifter

A dumbbell, Theragun, and supplement containers.

12. 30% off StrengthStack kit: This bundle includes two supplements meant to boost your workouts and enhance your recovery: Life Time PreWorkout Complex and Life Time BCAA Recovery. (Use promo code ‘BF2020’ at checkout.)

13. 30% off protein powder: One of the most critical things you can do to optimize your health and wellness — and aid in muscle building — is consume adequate protein. Choose from a variety of high-quality options and flavors. (Use promo code ‘BF2020’ at checkout.)

14. Theragun® special: Help the hard-working athlete or fitness devotee in your life soothe sore, stiff muscles with this cordless, state-of-the-art vibration massage device. Get $150 off the Theragun Pro, $75 off the Theragun Prime, or $50 the Theragun Mini.

And that’s not all! Find more deals available both in club and online. Most Life Time Black Friday deals are valid November 20 through December 2.

Life Time Editorial Team

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