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1. Start an herb garden: Growing an herb garden is an engaging, economical activity — and a great starting place for new gardeners. Plus, it can boost your mood and your immune system in the process.

2. Make a gluten-free sourdough starter: With minimal equipment, a few basic ingredients, and a little patience, you can craft tasty — and easily digestible — baked goods.

3. Make your own bone broth: Bone broth is a key element of many gut-healing diets. Making this savory staple at home is simple and inexpensive — and produces a healthier, more flavorful alternative to store-bought varieties.

4. Sage your home: Try this ancient practice to promote mindfulness, clarity, and relaxation.

5. Start composting: Turn your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich dirt for the garden with this simple six-step method.

6. Show your cast-iron skillet a little love: A reliable cast-iron pan can be a real workhorse for any cook. These simple tips will make upkeep of this versatile kitchen tool a breeze.

This article was originally published on April 10, 2020 on Experience LifeLife Time’s whole-life health and fitness magazine. 

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