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Hot days and cool pools are the perfect backdrop for lifelong summer memories. Grab your sunglasses, apply your sunscreen, and join us on the pool deck. Whether you’re a sunbather, a swimmer, or the parent of little splashers, we’ve got suggestions for having fun in the sun at Life Time.

Chill Out Poolside

1. We’ve got you covered with complimentary towels every time you visit. Done swimming for the day? Before you leave, be sure to grab your towel and toss it into one of the provided bins so others will know your deck chair is available. We ask members not to reserve deck chairs and to use no more than two chairs per family.

2. When you’re hungry, grab a snack or meal from the LifeCafe. Many clubs offer a poolside LifeCafe featuring a special menu of quick and healthy food and treats. You can also order off the in-club menu from your phone using the Life Time app.

3. Feel free to bring your own water bottle so you can stay hydrated in the heat. Please don’t bring outside food, drinks (other than bottled water) or coolers inside the pool area.

4. Show off your favorite swim fashion— just remember that jeans and workout apparel aren’t allowed in the pool. And if you want to pop into the club, please be sure to put on your shirt or coverup and footwear.

5. Make sure to reapply sunscreen frequently, especially after you’ve been in the water or have toweled off. If you forget to bring sunscreen, options are available for purchase in the LifeSpa. Check out this article about choosing the right sunscreen for you.

6. Join us for one of our poolside events. Stop by the information desk at your club to learn more, or check the Club Events page.

Jump In! The Water’s Fine

7. Ready for a new full-body workout? Take it out of the weight room and into the pool with this strength-building water-resistance workout.

8. If you love laps, you can train for your event or just get a great cardio workout in our designated lap lanes reserved for ages 12 and older. Please offer to share a lane if the pool is busy.

9. Make a splash! Everyone loves a good cannonball, but for your safety, diving is not allowed at Life Time pools.

10. Protect your hair from chlorine damage by wetting your hair prior to entering the pool, which prevents it from absorbing as much chlorine; you can also add a small amount of conditioner to the ends to act as a barrier. At the end of summer, consider a clarifying treatment from LifeSpa, which helps remove chlorine buildup. (You can also purchase clarifying shampoo and conditioner to use every few weeks during the season.)

11. When you’re ready to dry off and head home, skip throwing your soaking-wet swimwear in your bag and spin it dry first in our convenient swimsuit dryers in the locker room.

Splash Around With the Kids

12. Keep a pool bag packed so you’re ready to head to the pool when the mood strikes. Toss in sunscreen, sunglasses, visors or sun hats, goggles, a comb or wet brush, and your kids’ favorite small pool toys.

13. Swim diapers are a must for babies and toddlers up to age three — but if you forget them, don’t worry! We sell them in the LifeCafe.

14. Make it easy on yourself and the kids and take advantage of our family locker room. If you’re with kids of the same sex as you, feel free to use the men’s or women’s locker room.

15. Even when lifeguards are on duty, please remember our 25/10 rule: If your kiddos cannot swim 25 meters without stopping, you must remain within 10 feet of them at all times. Also, please be sure there are no more than three non-swimmers under the supervision of one adult.

16. It’s nice to warm up in the whirlpool when the temps are chilly, but this can be dangerous for small bodies. Please only allow kids 12 and older in the whirlpool.

17. Keep it fun! Remember the games you loved as a kid and pass them along. Tag games like dolphins and sharks or Marco Polo are always exciting — or see who’s brave enough to ride the waterslide.

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