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There are good reasons that group fitness classes continue to surge in popularity: Not only do they bring expertise, variety, accountability, and added motivation to your exercise routine, but working out in a group often leads to greater performance and better overall fitness.

When we designed our signature classes at Life Time — which include studio, yoga, and indoor cycle formats, all included in your membership — there were a few key elements we wanted in every class. These include passionate, helpful instructors who can modify workouts to your current abilities and fitness level, a sense of community, great music, and the opportunity to get in a full workout in a convenient block of time.

Keeping these features consistent, we developed a variety of classes to meet a wide range of interests, levels, and goals. Explore the categories below and see what appeals to you. We’ve offered recommendations for where to start and what to try next, plus ideas for classes that can balance and round out your current fitness regimen.


Where to Start


This high-energy cycle class trains your cardiorespiratory system and helps you build endurance by moving you through different levels of power and intensity. The bikes feature a console that can display heart-rate zones and targeted metrics, allowing you to personalize your ride and accurately push or pace yourself.

What to Try Next

Warrior Sculpt

This cardio-strength format combines elements of vinyasa yoga with HIIT-style exercises, forming a workout that provides both mindfulness and metabolic-conditioning benefits. The unique blend of workout styles helps you to build strength, awareness, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

How to Balance It


Complement your cardio regimen with this upper-body workout designed to strengthen and tone your arms, core, chest, and back. The featured movements tap into all types of muscle fiber, helping you to develop muscular strength, tone, and endurance, as well as enhance your range of motion and fat-burning capabilities.


Where to Start

Barbell Strength

With an emphasis on proper form, this foundational class focuses on the basics of weight training, providing options to keep things challenging as you build strength. The class uses free weights, which are effective tools for engaging your whole body, improving your balance and coordination, boosting your metabolism, and increasing your functional strength.

What to Try Next

Kettlebell Kombine

This class utilizes the wide-ranging benefits of the kettlebell, taking you through a variety of ballistic and strength-building exercises that can quickly bring on a cardio effect to burn fat and build endurance.

How to Balance It


Strength training requires a lot of muscular effort; relieve sore muscles and any tension in your body — and your mind — with this yin-style yoga class that features a series of passive, long-held stretches and meditative breathing. This style of poses helps to mobilize and lubricate the joints, making those tissues more flexible.


Where to Start


SOL is a guided yoga format that combines elements of vinyasa flow and Ashtanga yoga. The class is built on a set series of poses led by your teacher using vocal cues, which allows new students to move in and out of poses as they learn, while more seasoned yogis can explore them more deeply, building strength and flexibility.

What to Try Next


This free-flowing, energetic vinyasa class offers less structure than our other formats, first guiding you through a series of sequences before letting you explore poses on your own and at your pace. This approach encourages keeping with the rhythm of your breath and truly challenges you to dig deep into the strength of your mind and body as you sweat and move in this heated class.

How to Balance It

En Barre

An all-in-one barre workout, this class positions you at a fixed bar, combining elements of ballet technique with cardio, strength, flexibility, and core work — all of which can help increase your ability to better perform yoga poses. The moves are designed to build isometric strength, targeting a specific set of muscles with high repetitions of small movements.


Where to Start


This class takes you through choreographed and synchronized on-the-bike moves set to the beat of energizing music. While it’s a high-intensity class, cycling is a low-impact workout, allowing you to boost your stamina and cardiovascular health without over-taxing your joints.

What to Try Next


This high-energy cycle class trains your cardiorespiratory system and helps you build endurance by moving you through different levels of power and intensity throughout the class. The bikes feature a console that can display heart-rate zones and targeted metrics, allowing you to personalize your ride and accurately push or pace yourself.

How to Balance It


This class blends traditional yoga movements with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You’ll spend half the time on exercises designed to deliver metabolic-conditioning benefits, and the other half harnessing the power of your breath. This gives you the same level of intensity cycling can provide, but balances it out with meditative and mental strength-building exercises.


Where to Start

Gluteus Maxout

This lower-body workout is designed to strengthen and tone your legs and glutes, with bursts of cardio interspersed throughout to challenge your aerobic capacity. Whether you’re looking to boost your athletic performance or improve your overall fitness, a powerful lower body is key to healthy, pain-free movement.

What to Try Next

You’ll move through a series of progressive drills in this high-intensity class that works each muscle group, delivers a full-body strength and cardio workout, and allows time for recovery throughout. The class challenges your body at the upper end of your aerobic-training zone, helping to boost your cardiovascular fitness and metabolic function.

How to Balance It


This is our foundational yoga class, where you’ll be guided through a series of poses and learn how to mindfully engage your muscles and tune into your breath. Mindful, breath-centric movement can calm and focus your mind while strengthening your body and increasing physical mobility.

These classes represent a sampling of the group fitness classes that are available to and included for Life Time members. If you’re interested in seeing what other classes we offer, look here for studio classes, here for yoga classes, and here for indoor cycle classes. If you’d like to see when the above classes are on the schedule at your club, you can view the schedule here.

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