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Looking for a way to keep up your Pilates practice when you’re at home or on the road? Try this first of three home-based Pilates workouts.

As long as you are following a healthy, high-protein diet getting enough sleep, taking your Foundational Five, you’re sure to see results.

Complete the workouts below once per week. We’ll have two other home-based Pilates workouts posted in the near future to complete your first training session.

Use your Pilates workouts for a total of three sessions per week, and then include 30 minutes of cardio (walk, bike-ride or run) on the days you don’t do the workouts.

Each workout will take 20-35 minutes.

After four weeks, if you like the training program but are ready for something new, talk to a Life Time fitness professional to learn more about our Virtual Personal Training program or in person Pilates sessions.

Equipment Needs


Directions: Perform each movement with steady, smooth, controlled technique. If something hurts, omit it or reduce the number of reps so you can perform them pain-free.

The Scoop: The way we use our abs is part of what makes Pilates so unique and effective. For the duration of each exercise, hold your abdominals in and up which creates a scooped or hollowed out look to the midsection.

Practice ‘scooping’ in a lying-down position with knees bent and legs pressed together. Work on pulling the abs in and up without tucking your pelvis. If your abs pop out during the exercise, stop and reengage them. 

Modifications: If you have tight hamstrings or a weaker core, you may need to modify the exercises that require you to hold your legs in the air. To modify, place your hands under your pelvis, which increases support for your core and hamstrings.

It can also take time to develop the strength and stamina needed to hold your head up. Take breaks as-needed, or use your hands to help support your head. Tr to curl up to the tips of your shoulder blades in this position and keep your eyes on your abs, not the ceiling.


Prior to beginning, if your body is cold or you’ve spent most of the day sitting, walk or do some lite cardio or stretches for 5-10 minutes. Then begin your training session.

Grab your exercise mat or find a soft surface for this workout. Move through each exercises one at a time for the recommended number of repetitions.

For the side lying series, perform everything on one side before turning over onto the other side and repeating all the exercises.

The last exercise is the only one you will repeat three times.

Pilates Fundamentals: Ab Prep – 1 set x 3-5

Pilates Fundamentals: Ab Activator 1 – 1 set x 3-5

Pilates Fundamentals: Ab Activator 2 – 1 set x 3-5

Pilates 100 – 1 set x 10 breaths (5 pumps inhaling, 5 pumps exhaling)

Pilates Roll Up – 1 set x 5

Pilates 1-Leg Circle – 1 set x 5 each way / each leg

Pilates Rolling Like a Ball – 1 set x 5

Pilates 1-Leg Stretch – 1 set x 8 each side

Pilates Double Leg Stretch – 1 set x 8

Pilates Spine Stretch Forward – 1 set x 3-5

Pilates Saw – 1 set x 3-5 each side

Pilates Side Kick Up & Down – 1 set x 10

Pilates Side Kick Front & Back – 1 set x 10

Pilates Side Kick Inner Thigh Lifts & Circles – 1 set x 5 lifts / 5 circles

Pilates Teaser 1-Leg – 1 set x 3 each leg

Pilates Seal – 1 set x 5


We can never emphasize this enough…your workouts are only part of the puzzle. To get stronger, fitter, and healthier:

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