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Two mason jars, one filled with raspberries, one with blueberries, a cutting board with sliced strawberries, and a bowl of blueberries.
By Robin Asbell
Tossed in a salad, baked in a crisp, or eaten fresh by the handful, these juicy fruits are bursting with healthy possibilities.
Three cups of bulletproof coffee
By Laura Fogelberg
Make a mocha, almond-butter, or vegan bulletproof coffee at home with these recipes.
Assortment of blood-sugar-spiking foods
By Experience Life Staff
Blood sugar and insulin work together to support your energy and health. Learn how to keep them in balance.
Illustration of pretzels, a donut, ice cream, pizza and a chocolate bar.
By Laine Bergeson Becco
Do you have to give up a food you love? Here are four tips to make it easier.
a woman slices a banana in her kitchen
By Catherine Guthrie
Here are five dietary recommendations to manage anxiety.
Illustration of a leafy green, egg, slice of toast, and fish.
By Julie Kendrick
A guide to understanding omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and how they influence your health.
a smoothie bowl topped with banana, granola and shredded coconut
By Kate Chynoweth
Not all smoothie bowls are created equal. MyFitnessPal shares five tips to making a healthy — and delicious — bowl.
Assortment of spices
By Life Time
Season grilled meats or veggies with these homemade blends.
carton of eggs
By Lauren Bedosky
Curious about BCAAs? Our expert explains what they’re good for — and how to right-size your intake.
illustration of high protein food with a kettlebell
By Lauren Bedosky
What should you eat before and after exercising? Our expert offers some options.
A large compilation of halves of roasted pumpkins.
By Laura Fogelberg
This quick and easy method makes for a healthy Halloween treat.
red tomatoes of various shapes and sizes
By Laura Fogelberg
This easy method is faster than canning and provides summer-ripe tomatoes all year round.
A woman is lying on her back and lifting weights in the air.
By Anjula Razdan
Think you know what makes for a healthy heart? Think again. New research and progressive practitioners are looking beyond cholesterol for answers.
a close up of crushed dark chocolate
By Kate Havelin
The fitness nutritional benefits of dark chocolate.
Illustration of assorted types of protein, including fish, beans, a steak, egg, and drumstick.
By Gina DeMillo Wagner 
You need protein to build muscle, manage your metabolism, and support tissue repair. But how much? What kind? And can you get too much? We answer your top-12 questions about protein.
A spread of fresh garden carrots as well as carrots prepared a few different ways.
By Karen Olson
Delicate and flavorful, freshly grown carrots are full of nutritional surprises — and are quite different from their supermarket cousins.
A bowl of sugar cubes.
By Frank Lipman, MD 
Practical tips from Dr. Frank Lipman to kick your sugar habit.
spoonfuls of various protein powders perched above a blender filled with a smoothie
By Kathy Summers
A popular nutritional supplement among fitness-minded people, protein powders come in many formulations. Here’s how to decide which ones are likely to suit you best.
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