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A person sits cross-legged with a bowl of healthy cereal and fruit.
By Molly Schelper and Jill Patton
Gather inspiration for crafting a morning routine in Part One of this three-part series.
Two people run on a treadmill.
By Jill Patton
Maximize — and enjoy — your time at the club with these strategies.
A man with a swimming cap and goggles swimming in open water.
By Sarah Tuff Dunn
Strength, sighting, and a willingness to face your fear can set you up for success in open-water swimming. Here are some drills and tips.
Woman in fitness clothing tying her shoe.
By Andrew Heffernan
The key to getting stronger, faster, or fitter is giving yourself time to recover properly between workouts. Learn how to leverage your rest days to reach your fitness goals.
Illustration of running gear, including a water bottle and tennis shoe.
By Rebekah Mayer
Try this “beginner’s running recipe” from Life Time Run to get yourself race-ready.
Illustration of a beach towel, sun hat, and sunglasses.
By Jill Patton
Head to the pool at Life Time for summer fun.
A woman progressing through the different steps of a kettlebell snatch.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Take control of this dynamic move to burn fat and build strength.
A woman doing a calf raise on a step.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Tweak your technique to build lower-body strength and resilience.
A man using an tablet and talking to a woman in a fitness setting.
By Gina DeMillo Wagner 
Find out how personality-typing systems can help you discover activities and regimens you’ll really enjoy.
A man swimming in a lap pool.
By Sarah Tuff Dunn
Swimming requires focused breathing and a strong core. Three experts share their secrets for mastery.
A man kayaking in open water.
By Sarah Tuff Dunn
Kayaking requires a strong core, good posture, and comfort in the water. Three guides share their secrets.
An illustrated woman does exercises to build her backside.
By Nicole Radziszewski
This two-month program pumps up your posterior chain, improving posture and boosting athletic performance.
A woman works out.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
This functional, all-ages workout builds strength, balance, agility, and confidence.
A woman does chair yoga.
By Kaelyn Riley
Explore the benefits of yoga with these three seated poses.
A cluster of cyclists all riding together on the road.
By Michael Dregni
Training intensity is the key to raising your cycling game, according to Tour de France winner Greg LeMond.
A woman mid golf swing.
By Yael Grauer
Expert advice for improving your golf game while also preventing overuse injuries.
Illustration of a brain.
By Michael Dregni
The benefits of physical activity are more than muscle-deep. Moving your body builds and conditions your gray matter, making you smarter, happier, and more resilient.
A man mid tennis swing on a tennis court.
By Yael Grauer
Learn how to maximize your potential on the tennis court with tips from two pros.
A woman doing a squat.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Build essential strength with this powerhouse move.
A pair of gymnastic rings.
By Jennifer Blake
Ring exercises build upper-body strength while also activating and strengthening your core muscles.
Woman exercising on a yoga mat, reaching her hand up toward the ceiling.
By Nicole Radziszewski
Get stronger and smarter with this functional routine that improves balance, coordination, power, and mental acuity.
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