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A man doing a dumbbell renegade row inside a fitness facility.
By Jennifer Blake
This eight-week metcon workout builds strength and burns fat — all in 
a short, sweet, and sweaty metabolic-conditioning package.
Illustration of a person putting on a sock.
By Rebekah Mayer
Try this “beginner’s running recipe” from Life Time Run to get yourself race-ready.
a woman stretches in a gym setting
By Andrew Heffernan
Put some oomph into your stretching routine with these buddy-assisted moves.
A woman progressing through the different steps of a kettlebell snatch.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Take control of this dynamic move to burn fat and build strength.
Man doing a hollow body hold.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Enhance your core with this gymnastics and Pilates staple.
A man performs core exercises.
By Andrew Heffernan
Not getting the results you want from traditional ab exercises? Try this multilayered approach to building a strong, functional core.
A woman doing a calf raise on a step.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Tweak your technique to build lower-body strength and resilience.
A woman does the 6-minute sweat workout.
By Andrew Heffernan
Work your body head to toe with this minimalist strength-and-conditioning blast, which includes lateral jumps, side-to-side squats, and burpees.
man sprinting on a track
By Nicole Radziszewski
Running coaches share their tips on building speed for both short and long distances.
A man does a pushup.
By Experience Life Staff
Yes, you’re at work. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find time for fitness.
Man squatting with dumbbells
By Nicole Radziszewski
This circuit of back-to-back dumbbell exercises builds full-body strength, amps up endurance, and burns fat.
Woman doing shoulder workout using dumbbells.
By Andrew Heffernan
Restore mobility — and protect yourself from injury — with this short upper-body warm-up.
Man doing a glute bridge.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Finesse your form to build a strong derrière that powers you in athletics — and in life.
An illustration of a man doing yoga
By Kaelyn Riley
These three restorative poses can improve mobility and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.
A woman helping a man do a glute-ham raising.
By Andrew Heffernan
Mix up your strength routine with these seven underused — but super effective — moves.
Woman standing next to a chair
By Jennifer Blake
This ballet-inspired, body-weight workout targets stability and flexibility from head to toe.
Three kettlebells on the floor
By Jennifer Blake
All you need is three kettlebells and 10 minutes to tackle this fat-burning cardio workout.
Illustrations of a woman shadowboxing
By Nicole Radziszewski
Jab! Cross! Hook! Learn how to throw these punches — and combine them for a high-intensity workout.
An illustrated man does exercises to build his backside.
By Nicole Radziszewski
This two-month program pumps up your posterior chain, improving posture and boosting athletic performance.
A woman works out.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
This functional, all-ages workout builds strength, balance, agility, and confidence.
A woman does chair yoga.
By Kaelyn Riley
Explore the benefits of yoga with these three seated poses.
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